Gulf Coast’s Premier Firearms Training Academy

Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC in Stapleton, AL is the only full-time academy in the area. We have been teaching responsible citizens and helping law enforcement personnel for more than 31 years. The classes we offer are varied, from basic to advanced firearm and self-defense training.

Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC

Mission and Vision

At Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC we have a passion to help you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our experienced team of trained professionals have over 31 years of real-world experience in protecting people and teaching citizens and law enforcement. Providing common sense knowledge, firearms and self-defense training in a safe, fun and easy to understand format for beginner basics to very advanced levels. Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC also offers instructor level training, Certified Alabama Guard training and Certified Armed Guard training in Alabama and Florida.


Teaching All Levels!

We teach all levels, from novice to advanced. For some classes we provide everything you need including the guns, ammunition, hearing and eye protection along with the course books.

Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC

Skills and Drills Classes

We can custom create classes for those who want to develop their skills. We can design drills based on what you want to learn and area you need to improve. Classes are private or semi-private and run for a minimum of two hours to multiday training.

For all our classes please bring a lunch, refreshments, hat with a brim (ball cap) and a notebook.

Business Address

36603 State Highway 59 Suite B
Stapleton, AL 36578

Hours of Operation

Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Google Reviews

A. BizzleA. Bizzle
20:23 21 Oct 23
Just finished one class so far but plan on taking at least one more class. Scott is a wealth of knowledge, is firm on the range, and passionate about making the world a better place without a doubt. If you want to become a formidable guardian of innocents and your loved ones, take Scotts' classes, you wont be disappointed. You will never get a better deal for what he teaches anywhere else for the price. Come prepared mentally and physically, he CRAMS the entire day with instruction. Im prior military and he blew my expectations away. I left his classroom with my certificate and serious planning for my next firearms class.
Laneta HayesLaneta Hayes
15:28 20 Oct 23
Scott Thompson is a gifted and excellent instructor. We were so impressed that we have taken two classes and plan to take more in the future. Scott tailored both classes to fit each participants' individual needs & physical abilities. Safety is first in his classes. Scott is man of integrity and we highly recommend his trainings.
Garland JohnsonGarland Johnson
15:00 20 Oct 23
What a great learning experience! Having never been a gun owner, this class was so informative. Safety, safety, safety! Every aspect of the training focuses on proper gun handling and gun safety. Scott takes you through a great classroom session and then out to the range where I used several different caliber pistols in order to help determine the best fit for me.I would highly recommend this training for anyone that was interested in using a firearm. I enjoyed this class so much that I signed up for defensive training in rifle use. Well worth the the investment!
Ron CockrellRon Cockrell
14:23 12 Sep 23
Excellent instruction on how and when to shoot. Instructors are engaging, and knowledgeable on all aspects related to concealed carry laws. This is a 'must' class for beginners or veteran shooters. You'll learn something new.
Nathan DowneyNathan Downey
04:41 12 Sep 23
Scott is a top notch teacher! He is very knowledgeable and takes a no nonsense, practical approach to his training. The classes are designed to help empower you with knowledge and practical training that can be put to use as soon as you walk out the doors. I will definitely be attending classes again in the future.
Tammy PierceTammy Pierce
16:15 17 Jul 23
This class is a must if you own a handgun. I have owned a gun most of my life growing up in the country. I never felt safe carrying a handgun on me personally. My daughter is in law enforcement and knows first hand how crazy this world has become. She was adamant that I take a class and start carrying. Scott was great! I left feeling confident about having my handgun for protection. If you don’t have a handgun don’t buy one before taking this class like I did. Wait he will help you find the right gun for you.Signed 51 yr old female