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As an associate instructor here at Gulf Firearms Instruction my greatest joy
and satisfaction is helping a new handgun shooter overcome uneasiness or fear of
operating a handgun safely and effectively. Fear is usually rooted in the
unknown. As the layers of the unknown are peeled back the fear and uneasiness
associated with it are peeled away also. This is not to suggest that a casual
attitude toward firearms is encouraged but with instruction and repetition the
student demonstrates familiarity with the assigned task and with practice
competency is achieved.
Safety is of paramount importance here at GFI. It is emphasized as the
student is taken from the most basic steps of handing a firearm through the
various levels of learning the basics in preparation for more advanced levels with
the ultimate purpose of self-defense. Instructors are vigilantly observing that the
safety rules are strictly adhered to and each student is encouraged to do the
We do not live in a safe world. We are each responsible for our own
protection. Law enforcement officers respond to incidents after the fact and take
from 3 to 30 minutes to arrive on scene. If we are unable or unwilling to defend
yourself the officers will be investigating a level of violence against us that the bad
guy gets to determine. With that reality in mind GFI is primarily a self-defense
organization focused on helping citizens train to defend themselves and their
loved ones. We take that task very seriously.
We offer a multitude of classes with various firearms aimed at preparing
the student to defend themselves and their loved ones but hoping that you never
need to do so is becoming a riskier bet.
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Be
a good guy. Get trained. Be safe.

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