Defensive Carry Handgun 1



In this class you will learn the laws of self defense, how to avoid getting into a critical incident, how to draw and effectively stop a criminal, how to shoot at a moving target and shoot while moving, shoot behind cover and concealment and more.



During this class students will learn:

  • the legal aspects of concealed carry and laws on self-defense
  • the mind set needed to avoid or win a self-defense incident
  • how to interact with the police and the courts after a critical incident
  • how your body and mind react during and after an incident
  • tactics to help to avoid a critical incident
  • how to win a defensive confrontation
  • how to draw from concealment
  • how to rapidly stop an assault
  • ammunition selection
  • the difference between cover and concealment and how to use them effectively
  • find out how sudden a knife or blunt force attack occurs and how much distance they need against an aggressor
  • start shooting on the move and at a moving target

Course Requirements:

  • passed a Basic Handgun Class or be pre-qualified prior to taking this class
  • a valid State issued firearm permit
  • your own handgun
  • at least three magazines or speed loaders (You can rent one for an additional charge)
  • a concealment holster which will allow one handed re-holstering and which covers the trigger guard
  • at least 450 rounds of ammunition for your firearm
  • hearing protection
  • eye protection
  • a notebook
  • water bottle
  • ball cap
  • knee pads (optional but recommended)
  • lunch

1 review for Defensive Carry Handgun 1

  1. Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC

    Defr 1904
    2 reviews
    a week agoNEW
    So I took a class for my CCW training and believe you me this was a top notch class. Full of information and proper techniques to utilize and put in your toolbox. Scott was an all around awesome instructor and is very knowledgeable and proficient in what he does. So much so I will definitely be back for part 2 and have my wife come for some classes also. Honing your skills is what works and he definitely shows you how. The range itself is clean , well stocked and a great environment for yourself and your family.

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