Personal Handgun


Learn pistol safety, how to use your new handgun, the major parts of your firearm, how your firearm works, how to clean and how to maintain your firearm.

Shoot 50 to to 100 rounds of your ammunition in your own personal firearm to become proficient and more accurate.



So you just purchased your first pistol, congratulations!  Now what?

Our Personal handgun training class will make you safe and effective with your new handgun.

You will learn:

  • firearm safety
  • major components of a firearm and how they function
  • firearm storage
  • cleaning your firearm
  • learn how to shoot two and possibly one handed
  • ammunition selection
  • firearm maintenance
  • firearm conceal and carry introduction
  • much more…

The class duration is 4 hours, student provides their pistol, at least 50 (we prefer 100 rounds) of ammunition for your gun, magazine(s), eye protection and hearing protection.


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